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Guide.....I suppose.....

Discussion in 'Prison: Kingdoms' started by InfraDelta, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. InfraDelta

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    Jul 8, 2019
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    Welp. Considering this is the only post I see for any sort of guide:
    and also this: https://minecraft.good-gaming.com/forums/index.php?threads/read-if-you-are-new.3690/
    I decided to make a compilation of stuff I know. From alot of sources.
    (NOTE: I'm not going to include the stuff the 2 post say, considering you can just check them. I might elaborate on them but for the most part, just check them.)
    (Also, I know there is a wiki: https://minecraft.good-gaming.com/wiki/page/Main_Page, a lot of detailed information there and where I'll be pulling a bunch of stuff from. It is outdated though, I'm using the Insane Prison/2 Info.)

    SO, lets go into it.
    1. Go check the Info Hub(?) in front of /spawn. They give alot of commands and links for the Discord, Wiki, and the like.
    2. Don't mind the tips that much, those stuff mainly apply to the Skyblock servers, so there is no AH.
    3. Vote everyday, especially for people starting, although at later stages the crates become useless, they give out too little money and ecoins, the Vote Crate is the most useful as you can get vote set pieces, i.e. votehelmet, votechest, voteleggings and voteboots, which has Thorns on them and the only way to get Thorns on the server. (It hurts durability-wise tho.) Also, voting everyday in all links grant Event Keys
    4. There are plots that can help you get started, /ps v fish , /ps v jah, /ps v amy. At /ps v fish, you can buy and sell ecoins for cash, there is a chest that you could buy the ecoins and a chest where you can sell them. For /ps v jah and /ps v amy, there you can get a bunch of ecoins for the uses in the first link. Looking around those areas, also in /ps v amy and /ps v jaz, you could find some shops that buy items such as Event Keys (Summer Key, Fathers Key, etc.), Boss Keys (The Crypt of the Skeleton King) and OOPG Boosters (5x and 10x), you could sell those items for alot of cash to rankup and prestige quickly.
    5. If you are going to prestige alot of times, do this trick. Instead of using /rankupmax and /prestige, use /rankupmax 1 and /prestige 1. This will remove the cooldown but has a 8 command limit per 10 seconds.
    6. If you followed no. 3, you also get vKreds which you use for the /vshop and /vranks, I would recommend you to save up and spend it on ranks as they are going to be useful for all servers and gives a bunch of benefits.
    7. If you get into a /pvp or a boss fight, your armor will get damaged, to fix them, it would be best to use /fix, if you have a vrank. Using the anvil to fix your armor will cause the server enchants, the MoreHearts and AntiKnockback to reset to 0 and have to re-apply them.
    8. In the topic of anvils, DON'T RENAME YOUR MULTIFORMER WITH IT. It will like above, break the server enchants and render it not working. Your multiformer is the pickaxe you get when you first log in and when you /kit starter. If you want to rename your pick, go get Elite or higher rank from the Store.
    9. If there is a notice for a boss, you can go to the arena using /fight. To get rewards from it you have to actively participate in the match.
    10. The rewards you can get from fighting the boss are gems and ecoins. (Explained in the first link)
    11. Once a gem is rerolled you cannot reroll it again, in the item description of the gem (when you hover over it) there is a "Rerolled" tag in it. So make sure you when you reroll it and accept it, THAT IS FINAL. You can reroll gems at the /enchantress.
    12. Talking about the enchantress, you can unsocket gems from items and also split gems. To socket a gem into your item, just drag the gem over the item and it is socketed. To unsocket, it is to remove it and will cause the gem's level to drop a bit. Splitting gems is to divide the gem to more gems, it will only work on gems with a level higher than 2, it works for rerolled or not rerolled gems. You could also combine gems by dragging them over each other, this will add up both gems level.
    13. To get a bow, arrow and gapples (golden apples), you can do /shop and go to Item Shop and buy them there. The bow doesnt have enchants so you would have to do /ecoins or /enchants to enchant it, the enchants are at the pvp section.
    14. Elite Enchants have a required level till it enchants the item. Level 25 for LuckyMining, which gives Boss Keys, OOPG Boosters and Vouchers. Level 50 for AutoSellX, which adds ontop of AutoSell.
    15. For the Mining Enchants, there are 8 enchants you could buy, Fortune and Efficiency are like the normal vanilla enchants (Fortune does boost EVERY drop not just ores now.) Speed gives the Speed effect equal to the level and Haste gives Haste equal to the level. AutoSell will auto sell the blocks that are sellable to the mine without having you go to the sign to sell them. Explosive, causes an explosion when you are mining and gives you the blocks from it, higher levels gives a bigger explosion and occurs more frequently. JillHammer gives a chance to clear a layer of the mine, higher level makes it occur more times but caps at 5%, so at higher levels, its much better for Explosive. Coinfarmer makes it be able to gain Ecoins faster when mining.
    16. You can also get Backpacks in the Mining Enchants to in essence, increase your inventory space, but only works when you are mining at /mines or /mine. Left click to buy one, first ones free, and Right click to upgrade the Backpack you are holding.
    17. In PVP Enchants, there is a total of 16 enchants. The Bow Enchants are Power, Punch, Flame and Infinity, just like vanilla enchants. The enchants for your Multiformer are, Sharpness, Fire Aspect and Knockback, just like the vanilla enchants, Strength gives you Strength effect equal to level, Fire Resistance give you Fire Resistance equal to level. Regeneration gives you Regeneration effect equal to level for 10 seconds before it disappears. Rage gives bonus damage for each continuous hit dealt (Combat system is 1.8, so no cooldowns). Killfarmer gives a chance for ecoins and keys to drop when killing another player. The Armor enchants are Protection, just like in vanilla, and Anti-Knockback, that has a chance to negate or to remove the knockback effect. Chestplate-only enchant is MoreHearts that gives more hearts to the wearer. Unbreaking applies to all armor and bows.
    18. When you reach a certain prestige level, you get rewards aside from the normal Legendary Key. Like at Level 15, you unlock /creative in your plot.
    19. To get water, you need to melt the ice. Other stuff like armor stands and signs, you have to craft them. Redstone is broken in plots and do not work properly, hoppers work fine.
    20. AFKing sometimes work, sometimes not work. If you afk, you get put into Limbo, once you move you get to server hub.
    21. Visit /ps v 0;0 (for some reason /ps v wuwy doesnt work) to see how to make a player shop/ chestshop. The things you should put into the sign are on there . If you are lazy then heres what you should put, First line is : [SHOP]. Second line is amount of item you are buying/selling, i.e. 1. Third line is price, i.e. 10 or 1T (For 1 Trillion). Last line is Buying OR Selling. Then left click with the item you want to buy/sell.
    22. There are Block Vouchers which will help you increase the level your multiformer by increasing the blocks mined, each time your multiformer levels up, it increases the maximum level of enchants for the mining enchants.
    23. Just a bunch of random tips and stuff that are too short for the others: /ec is to open up your enderchest. /astoggle is to toggle your AutoSell enchant. If you want extra rewards from prestiging, get the ;Journey Pass! from store. There are Prestige Vouchers which help alot at later prestige levels when the cost to prestige is too high because it prestiges you. The max prestige level normally is 500, but with prestige vouchers, i think you could break through that (from AmyAmos). The max level multiformer is 70.
    24. If you have problems/questions in the server or website, ask for help from https://minecraft.good-gaming.com/staff/ in-game or in the official GG Discord server. You could also send a support ticket at https://minecraft.good-gaming.com/support/.
    Welp. Thats all for now. I cant think of anymore things to say. I'll update with new info and more tips as I across them.

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