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Network Guidelines

Find all of the rules/guidelines related to Good Gaming Minecraft Server

The following is a set of guidelines, or rules, for the Good Gaming Minecraft Network.

We also have a White-list and black-list for Mods here

As usual with any set of guidelines, these serve to give an idea of what is not allowed on our network; this should not be assumed as a complete list. Above all else, use your common sense. If something feels wrong, don't do it.

All rules and guidelines apply to anything governed by Good Gaming, Inc. examples are as listed, but not limited to:

GGMC Game Server(s)
GGMC Discord(s)
GGMC Forum(s)
GGMC Social Media Account(s)

VPN's Are welcome and allowed to be used here!

All bans or punishments apply to the user, account and anyone operating said banned account.

If you have been muted, do not use anything in game to try and communicate with others.

Breaking any of the above is considered “Evasion” and additional punishments will apply.

You may appeal your ban if you feel you have been given a ban or punishment unfairly by visiting and creating a ticket located Here

Any punishment shorter than 3 days, MAY NOT be appealed.

Asking a staff member to review your appeal will result in an automatic denial.

Do not talk about bans or punishments in public chat, or any public forum of any kind (example, Discord, or in game chat)

Punishments may vary as each situation is unique. i.e. A rule that is normally met with a warning may be met with a ban if the situation calls for it. Rules are subject to change at any time.

► Respect All Staff Members, and Community Users.
All decisions made by the GGMC staff team are considered final. Please do not argue with staff members. In Depth discussion of another player’s ban is prohibited and will be applicable for punishment. If you feel a member of staff is being abusive, please create a support ticket located here.

Any disrespect, harassment, threats, hate speech, racism, vulgar or sexual language, religious bigotry, political views, or anything staff deems inappropriate; towards staff or other users of the community will result in punishment, not limited to: a Warning, Tempban or Permanent Ban.

► Toxic Behavior
Toxic behavior is not allowed on GGMC: such examples of these activities are as follows but not limited to:

Griefing (except on Survival)

suicidal encouragment
Inappropriate builds
Evading chat filters
Chat spam/flooding
Character spam
Hackusations or accusations of another player
Inciting rioting behavior
Player harassment
Staff harassment
Inappropriate named items or characters, or usernames
Promoting rule breaking or toxic behavior or harassment
TP Killing /trapping
Fake drop parties or other fake community events.

All these, activities will result in a warning, tempban or permanent ban depending on the situation.

► Outside Trading
Trading in-game resources or items for external properties (non-GGMC Items) i.e. Alt accounts, real money currencies, CS:GO Skins, or otherwise is strictly prohibited and will be met with a permanent ban.

► Do not Impersonate staff or other users
You can Identify staff by their tags in game or discord.
  • Creator
  • CM
  • GM
  • Sr.Mod
  • Mod
  • Helper
  • Dev
  • Retired

► English only, Please!
GGMC is an English language speaking server. We appreciate and respect your ability to speak multiple languages, however, while using public chat, it is required to use English to ensure, proper moderation and enjoyable experience for everyone.

► NO Advertising. Period.
No Links (youtube links included)
No IP’s (server addresses)
No social media
Nothing. Nada. Zero.*

If you advertise in any way shape or form on the server or using in-game methods such as signs or builds you will be met with the following punishments but not limited to, a warning, tempban, or permanent ban.

*you may post GGMC related links and Content such as GGMC’s official Discord and website links or community content such as youtube videos and streams as long as it's of the Good Gaming Server.

No sexual or vulgar content.
If you are caught posting or referring to sexual content or vulgar content on the server, discord, forums or ANY GGMC community, you will be subject to punishment of a PERMANENT Ban.

Account Security, Compromised Accounts, Alternative Accounts and Server Integrity
As a player on the Good Gaming Minecraft Network(GGMC) , you are responsible for the security of your Minecraft account(s). If another user gains access to your account by any means, you are still responsible for your account. GGMC is not responsible for any leaks of personal information you may cause by releasing your personal information such as but not limited to: Passwords. Login information, Banking information or other sensitive information pertaining to the user.

Compromised Accounts
Compromised accounts are strictly prohibited on GGMC, anything considered suspicious activity deemed by the GGMC staff will be banned unless proof of ownership can be provided.

Alternative Accounts
You may use a set limit of 5 total accounts on the server (2 IP locked Alts on Prison game modes no alt switching.) 2 Alts for all Skyblock Seasons Servers content. Any more, and your IP will be flagged for “suspicious activity” and punishments may apply.

Any user caught hacking,using illegal modifications, Unfair Macros or Scripts or Hacked clients will receive punishment not limited to a Warning,Tempban or Permanent ban from the GGMC Server. All blacklisted and white-listed modifications are located Here


Strictly forbidden and will be met with a permanent ban. This included threats of said actions.

Using an exploit or being in possession of exploited item(s), Glitching, Duping or other ways the server wasn’t meant to be used, will result in a warning, tempban or permanent ban from GGCMC staff. Please report any exploits to a staff member. If you are caught using an exploit or exploited Item(s) you risk a full player reset on ALL game modes on top of your punishment.

Fraud, Criminal Activities or Mischief will be reported the authorities.
Chargebacks or payment manipulation to obtain items not paid for will result in a Permanent ban.

All purchases are final. Refunds are at GGMC’s Discretion.

*rules may change at any time to uphold server
integrity, and a safe, fun environment for all community members.

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