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Beginner help and basic tutorial

Discussion in 'Prison: Kingdoms' started by Xilaphas, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Xilaphas

    Xilaphas New Member

    Jan 5, 2019
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    Hello Everyone! Whenever i play prison kingdoms I notice a bunch of new players who are always asking for tips and help on various different aspects of prisons. Sometimes it is too much of an inconvenience for people to constantly answer the same questions, so I thought I would make this post to help everyone who might be new to prisons kingdoms and are not sure what features or what they should do. Below I have organised the information into a few categories, If you have any suggestions of something to add or like a feature send a message in game (it really helps), anyway welcome to prison kingdoms!

    Basic Features and tips:
    1. The AH (Auction house) Is quite useless here

    The auction house is very popular on skyblock, but on prison here it is quite useless, the prices are hard to read, the prices dont go to high and no one auctions that much because they can't auction it for much and counting individual 0s is really time consuming. Generally stay away from the AH

    2. Ecoins are used to upgrade your pick

    3. Methods of earning ecoins

    There are a few main ways of getting ecoins some of which are more effective than others, these methods include, mining, fighting bosses, earning them from miners, buying from other players or getting ecoins from crates. Mining is a simple but decent method to earn ecoins, Fighting bosses is a more complicated (and the whole boss process will be explained below). Miners also take a while to explain and will be explained below. The last two methods are simple, buying ecoins from other players and opening crates.

    4. What are bosses? What do they give? Are they worth it?

    Bosses are fundamental part of this prison. Bosses are simply as the name implies, bosses that players spawn to kill for good rewards. Bosses dont spawn naturally and spawn when a player spawns one. These boss keys are quite rare to get and are obtainable from Lucky Mining, (A pickaxe enchant that is expensive and semi hard to get for new players), With supreme or senpai rank (self explanatory), from the store (cost irl $) and finally the rarest, getting them from christmas keys (0.005% Im pretty sure). Now that we know what these bosses are and how to spawn them, what do they give and how do we know when they spawn? Well the bosses are spawned in the /fight arena, here everyone turns into a chicken and can't hit other players just bosses. When someone spawns a boss, a message while appear on your screen that says a boss is spawning in 15 seconds (Also a message in chat pops up to say who spawned it, always remember to thank them as they didnt have to spawn it and is doing it for everyones good). Now finally, what do bosses give? Well when a boss dies, (If you participated in the fight at all, took some damage from the boss or got a hit) you will get some ecoins equivalent to your prestige basically. So for example right now I am prestige 220. From I boss fight I get 220k Ecoins. If you were say prestige 50, you would get 50k ecoins and etc. Now the ecoins are guaranteed, but if you did the most damage to the boss, got the last hit, got the most hits or tanked the most damage you get a gem (explained later). If you didn't get into any of those categories you can also randomly get a gem (Low percentage depending on how much damage you took, how much damage you did, how many hits you got and how many bosses you have killed.) To be completely honest, bosses are one of the best ways for a new player to earn some quick money or quickly upgrade their pick (with gems (explained later))

    5. What are gems?
    Gems are basically further upgrades for your pickaxe, sword or armour. Gems are basically used to increase the effectiveness of your enchants. For an example, my pickaxe has max level fortune with 1700 Fortune gems (A whole lot for new players). With these fortune gems, my fortune will be drastically increased. Gems (Especially when you have a lot) are incredibly great. One thing to remember though is that if you are over prestige 100 you can reroll gems you get from bosses. Rerolling essentially allows you increase the level of the gem by alot. Rerolling however is quite expensive, the basic cost is 100k ecoins and doubles everytime so be careful you dont spend on all your ecoins when rerolling. While rerolling though your gem can turn into other gems with a higher chance of transforming depending on the gem.
    Jillhammer, Miner Multi, Coinfarmer and PDEF are gems that don't change much
    Lifesteal, Miner Reduction, Backpack, Fortune and Explosive are gems that do change alot while rerolling.
    So what gems are good to use?

    Well I would recommend using the same gems as you have enchants on your pickaxe.
    Is it Worth rerolling bad gems?
    Yes it is, because you can possibly get better gems, if you spend too many ecoins just cancel the reroll and start again.

    5.5 Legendary gems:
    As of now there are 3 different legendary gems, Autorankup gem, Ecoin note gem and Ecoin shop gem.
    The autorankup gem is one of the best if you prestige while holding it then you will be put in mine 30 instead of mine 1. This reduces the price of the rankup to the max mine which is incredibly helpful for higher prestiges. Ecoin note gem is also incredibly helpful, The ecoin note gem allows someone to withdraw any amount of ecoins in basically a note, so instead of getting stacks of just 5k ecoins (max 10m ecoins per inventory) you can withdraw any amount of ecoins from your balance. Finally the ecoin shop gem is the most diverse and interesting. The ecoin shop gem allows you to bypass the 24 hour transaction limit by Buying or Selling ecoins, and instead of depositing ecoins into the chest, the gem will remove them directly from your ecoin balance and if buying ecoins will remove money from your balance and add the ecoins to your ecoin balance.

    NOTE: Legendary Gems are VERY rare and can be gained from drops from bosses instead of regular gems or can be obtained from rerolling any gem (very rare still)

    6. What are miners?
    The miners are a cool concept that prison has. Miners basically make money and ecoins for you while you are online ggmc. The miners have a certain amount of time they take to make x amount of ecoins or money depending on the level and any miner reduction or miner multi gems put on the specific miner. There are 6 miners in total, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Elder, Wither and Dragon.
    Iron, Gold and Diamond Miners make money for you
    Elder, Wither and Dragon miners make ecoins for you
    I would personally investing alot of ecoins into your Miners when you reach prestige 100 as thats when they start making more money and you can have more miners. (Every around 100 prestiges allows you to get more miners check /upgrades to see). When prestige 100, try to max your diamond, dragon, wither and elder miners (gold and iron are very bad). Miners do not work offline and while online operate while you are on ggmc, even if you are afk on prison, in the hub or in another gamemode.

    There are 2 gems for miners, miner multi and miner reduction. Miner reduction is the better of the 2 by a long shot. Miner reduction basically brings the time down for the miners to bring in their profit. With around 541 miner reduction gems (not 100%) Your miners will take 3 seconds to bring back their amounts (even for the 12 hour dragon and diamond!). Miner multi I personally don't know too much about, Wouldn't recommend as the times for regular miners without reduction is pretty bad.
    Now, You can apply miner reduction or miner multi on one of each side, the tier 1 (elder and iron) tier 2 (elder and gold) and tier 3 (dragon and diamond). For each tier you can only put gem on one of the miners to balance out how OP miner reduction is. I would recommend putting miner reduction on your wither miner first then slowly moving to dragon or diamond (your choice). I would also recommend not putting any on iron, gold or elder as in comparison to the rest of the miners their profits are quite small.
    Max miner levels,

    1. Under Prestige 100 -

    7,500 Iron 1875 Elder
    1875 Gold 750 Wither
    750 Diamond 375 Dragon

    2. Prestige 100-205 -
    15,00 Iron 3750 Elder
    3750 Gold 1500 Wither
    1500 Diamond 750 Dragon

    3. Prestige 205-305
    150,000 Iron 37,500 Elder
    375,00 Gold 15,000 Wither
    15,000 Diamond 7,500 Dragon

    4. Prestige 305-405
    1,500,000 Iron 375,000 Elder
    375,000 Gold 150,000 Wither
    150,000 Diamond 75,000 Dragon
    5. Prestige 405-499
    15,000,000 Iron 3,750,000 Elder
    3,750,000 Gold 1,500,000 Wither
    1,500,000 Diamond . 750,000 Dragon
    NOTE: Each level of miners cost more ecoins to upgrade, so be careful how much you are spending when upgrading your miners.

    7. This is again a lot of effort Ill finish later

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  2. iWonderGirl_

    iWonderGirl_ Well-Known Member
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    Jan 4, 2018
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    IM proud of you!! :) Good job and Thank you very much!
    i hope it'll help to alot of starters :)
  3. Beast11Boss27

    Beast11Boss27 Well-Known Member

    Nov 16, 2017
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    Thanks Xilaphas, it will help a lot of people if they actually could bother to come to the forums to look at stuff that could be useful, like this...
  4. Blast

    Blast Member

    Apr 14, 2018
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    Very nice guide,I wish more people would visit the forums to see this.
  5. wbyu

    wbyu New Member

    Jan 30, 2019
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    Wow, am I glad I actually took the time to look at the forums for once. Thanks for this! =D
  6. Snewpie

    Snewpie Member

    Feb 1, 2019
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    Very good for new players, explains the important basics, nice Xil!
  7. drama246

    drama246 Well-Known Member
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    Apr 15, 2018
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    wow, just saw this. Great job!

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