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Chest Shop's starter guide for new players!

Discussion in 'Insane Prison' started by Darin223, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. Darin223

    Darin223 Member

    Jan 1, 2018
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    Hello! I'm Darin as you may know, and I'm going to be helping/teaching you about shops! (how to make them, how much can I have!, where do I put them? what are the prices for this or that?, etc)
    Anyways, lets get started.
    You can make a shop at your plot! go to your plot simply by typing /plot h in-game if you do not have a plot yet, type /plot auto in-game.
    Second step, require some chests and a sign or two.
    Step Three - Choose what you would like to sell or buy, for this example we are going to be using E-coins!
    say you want to sell E-coins, place the chest down on your plot, hold the sign in your hand and on the front of the chest (not the top) type [shop] (then press arrow down for next slot) then choose the amount you want to sell I want to sell one e-coin per every click! so you would type 1 - Next you add a price! Currently the price of E-coins on Insane Prison 1 is 30-40t each!, I buy them for 35t :). so then you would (after you press the down area and enter a new slot on the sign) you would type the price I would type 35T <---just like this '35t'. . after your done with that.(press down arrow key on your keyboard and enter the LAST slot on the sign.) type Buy or Sell. If you type Buy that means you are wanting to buy the item you are selling from other players on the server, if you type Sell, that means you want to SELL your item to other players for them to buy with their in-game money! After you have typed all the information on the sign that you have placed on the front of the chest. Press Enter on your keyboard and look in your chat area, if it says you have succesfully created a chest shop! Good job! you did it! next you put the item(s) you want to sell in your hand in-game and left click the sign on the chest with it. If the Item(s) you want to sell pops up above the chest and appears to be floating, you've created your chest shop! The FINAL step! - put your item(s) into the chest that you have made your shop with, after you have put your item(s) in the chest, people can now Buy or Sell to you! Good job!

    ***How much Can I have?***
    Spartan Rank! /vRanks -10 chest shops , Android vRank - 12 chest shops, Mecha vRank 14 chest shops (that's all I know for now ;) )

    ***Prices for some Common Items in Chest shops***
    E-Coins - 30-40t each!
    Cosmetic Crate Key - 3qq each!
    Rank Vouchers! - VIP Rank Voucher - 10qq IGM (In-Game money) > MVP Rank Voucher - 20qq IGM. >
    Elite Rank Voucher - 50qq IGM > Supreme Rank Voucher - 100qq IGM.

    **********END OF THREAD**************
    Ending Message: I hope that helped some people out! put alot of work into this thread. :p hope you enjoy, and have fun on GGMC!
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  2. Nayonce

    Nayonce Member
    Supreme Sub

    Oct 28, 2017
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    From what I know, there is no limit on shops per plot. Your shop limit depends on your /vrank.
    Right now, spartan has 10 shops and has the least ouf of all the vranks. So if you're spartan, that's why there's a limit for you.

    Anyways, nice post!

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