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Custom Enchants

Discussion in 'Insane Prison' started by Wethrox, Feb 25, 2018.


Which ones did you like?

  1. Money Dash

  2. Frenzy

  3. Jackpot

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  1. Wethrox

    Wethrox Member

    Feb 5, 2018
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    Hello! I am Wethrox and I am here to try and convince you to add/spread the word to prison1/prison2!

    Jackpot: Jackpot, would be used for getting more ecoins in a small matter of time. A random event would occur for the player and when he/she/it is mining, you would get x2 the chance(depending on your coinfarmer) or if maxed, you would get x2 ecoins from that little event. If you are lucky enough and have gotten some levels into it, you are able to get a slim chance for a x5(1%) or x10(0.1%) of multiplying your income of ecoins!

    Frenzy: With frenzy, you have a chance of filling your inventory (and backpacks!) completely full, making that easy money and more reason to have more backpacks to get more money! :) This also allows for new players with/without backpacks to get some easy money to rankup! This would benefit a lot of people as some people, as an example smokeyou, get's about 1qq per 10 minutes, and it would benefit him with this enchantment if he gets more backpacks and gets this enchantment on his pickaxe, he would be getting more money per 10 minutes!

    Money Dash: Like Jackpot, this enchantment would be used for getting more money in a matter of time, it would be a bit more rare and a different enchantment style, for example,
    Level 1: 1.1x (5mil ecoins)
    Level 2: 1.2x (15mil ecoins)
    Level 3: 1.3x (25mil ecoins)
    Level 4: 1.4x (35mil ecoins)
    Level 5: 1.5x (55mil ecoins)
    Level 6: 1.6x (66mil ecoins)
    Level 7: 1.7x (78mil ecoins)
    Level 8: 1.8x (100mil ecoins)
    Level 9: 1.9x (110mil ecoins)
    Level 10: 2x (150mil ecoins)
    Level 15: 2.5x (350mil ecoins)
    Note: All of these enchantment levels increase by .1 when leveled up.​

  2. NPsix

    NPsix Member

    Mar 4, 2018
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    I like these

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