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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Fluxty, Jan 25, 2021.

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    OP Prison Winter
    February 1st - 9AM PDT/11AM CDT/12PM EDT

    Winter is coming! With your guy's help, since Prison Fall we've identified TONS of areas for improvement in Prison, and we're going ALL OUT for Prison Winter! So, let's hop right into everything that's changing this season:


    » NEW Winter Map
    It has been a LONG time since we've gotten a new map for Prison, because they are absolutely massive undertakings and require a lot of time, resources and money. However, we're going all out with Prison Winter and are introducing a new spawn and a whole new set of mines to boot!

    Don't think these mines just look pretty, either! They have been optimized for game balance. Expect to take a bit longer to get to sell signs when you don't have autosell, and a bit longer to get to the mine after a reset. On the flip side, expect mines to reset less often, and for JH to be a lot more potent. ;)


    I've chosen not to include any screenshots of the mines this time around. Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

    » The Magma God
    Could it be?!? A coveted category 1 boss has finally been found and will be available in Prison Winter! The Magma God is a much more advanced boss than the Skeleton King, with much better gem rewards. Here's an overview of his abilities (subject to change):
    • The Magma God has two modes, lava and vulnerable.

    • Lava mode:
      • When entering lava mode, The Magma God turns the floor around him into deadly lava that ignores fire resistance. This lava will make it much more difficult to enter melee range and means you'll have to wait for it to turn back into normal to get in those hits.

      • The Magma God will repeatedly shoot out 4 waves of fast moving Cactus projectiles which deal low damage but deny healing and slow for 5s.

      • After Cactus's finish firing, a single wave of very high damage fireballs will fire out in a radius. The fireballs can be punched to shoot them back at the Magma God for extra damage.
    • Vulnerable mode:
      • In vulnerable mode, the floor returns to normal and the Magma God becomes much less threatening, dealing almost no damage aside from a single ability.

      • The Magma God will occasionally leap into the air, performing a ground slam similar to that of the Skeleton King. However, The Magma God's ground slam has some very punishing debuffs, including a strong slow and weakness effect for 10 seconds. :eek:
    At 50% health, the Magma God will become invulnerable for 5s, immediately entering lava mode. His projectiles will move 1.5x faster and deal double damage.

    The higher the category, the higher the gem level reward will be, and the better the odds you roll the best gems!

    » Boosters Rework


    In Prison Fall, boosters were so incredibly strong that many of you were able to essentially "beat" the game within a couple of weeks. That's why we're making major changes to boosters in this season:

    Store boosters now scale with the average prestige of the server, not counting P0. We worked hard to develop a scaling formula which will allow boosters to remain strong at all stages of the game, without ever being too OP or too weak.
    • OPGG Booster base multi: 50x
    • eCoins Booster base multi: 3x
    • Blocks Booster base multi: 2x
    These multipliers will increase as players prestige. Multipliers are decided at time of purchase! For example, if you buy a booster at 500x, and it goes down to 200x later, your booster will still be a 500x booster. In the future we also plan to allow the trading of these boosters, both in AH and RC AH.

    Personal Boosters

    Personal boosters, obtained from Lucky Mining, are undergoing major changes as well:
    • Personal boosters now last 30 minutes, using multiple boosters still stacks the multiplier, but now only add 1 minute.
    • 5x boosters are now 10x, and 10x boosters are now 25x. They are also slightly more common.
    We think these changes to personal boosters are going to change the meta quite a bit and help balance Lucky Mining. You'll now have to consider whether you want to horde your boosters and cash them in all at once for a massive >30 minute boost.

    Additionally, we've added a /multiplier command to more easily see your current multiplier. The output will feature even better breakdowns of information in the future.

    » Lucky Mining Rework


    Lucky Mining is receiving a complete overhaul for Prison Winter. In Prison Fall, it seemed like Lucky Mining was lame until max level, and at max level it's broken. To offset its power level, we'd basically just spam your inventory with junk rewards, which honestly, just made it broken AND annoying.

    Our goal is for Lucky Mining rewards, while rare, to feel very powerful when acquired, and for every level of Lucky Mining to have some realistic chance of pulling a reward, without all the junk spam.
    • The proc rate (chance to get a reward) at level 1000 is slightly less than before.

    • The proc rate at level 1 is about 1000x higher than the level 1 of old, although it's still incredibly rare.

    • The Lucky Mining upgrade price will now increase by 1,000,000 eCoins with each level up. All Elite Enchants will now have a similar scaling cost.

    • OPGG and eCoins rewards are now higher, but the highest tier rewards are now lower with slightly increased odds of dropping from before.

    • eCoins wands are about 10x less common than before.

    • Boss keys can now be obtained from Lucky Mining (Cat 0)

    • New Item: Proc Bomb!
    Chance based enchants currently include both Lucky Mining and JillHammer!

    » Enchantress Changes


    We are making some small adjustments to gem rerolling this season, which should help incentivize rerolling gems from higher levels rather than splitting them down to 1, although splitting will remain a powerful strategy.
    • Rerolling base cost - 100k EC -> 150k EC. This will result in reroll costs ramping up faster overall.
    Now, rerolling has always contained a hidden balance mechanic that rewarded players with better rerolls when the original gem they rerolled was higher level, but we've now completely revamped this effect to make it more obvious, and we're revealing the basic idea behind the math:

    When the gem you start rerolling with is:
    • Level 1 - The base chance of getting a higher level gem each reroll is 20%, increasing gradually with every reroll.

    • Above level 1 - The base chance of getting a higher level gem each reroll is 25% at level 2, increasing logarithmically the higher your starting gem level is,, capping at 100% at level 2250. Additionally, the odds of getting a massive increase in levels off of a single reroll (current gem level + (total rolls / 2)) also improves based on the base level of the gem, capping at 100% at level 3000.
    Okay, if that math mumbo jumbo doesn't make any sense, that's okay! Just know that rerolling higher level gems = faster gem growth while rerolling. I'll leave it to you math wizards out there to find the best rerolling strategies ;)

    » Even More


    • JillHammer now has a base proc chance at level 1 that makes it about 100x more likely to proc than before. However, the proc rate per level has been reduced so that it is still the same at level 5000 as before.

    • The vKred shop will be disabled for the first week of release, until Sunday, Feb 7th.

    • Fixed a bug that has been present in AutoSell for all time - You no longer have to be standing inside the mine for AutoSell to pop.

    • Incorporated our own, from scratch economy plugin (beta) which should greatly improve performance.

    • There is now a log/notification system for when a player in a Kingdom makes a deposit/withdrawal from the Kingdom bank.

    • As for the picture above, that one's a little surprise! :D

    Now, hopefully all of THAT is content! Prison Winter opens on February 1st at 9AM PST/11AM CST/12PM EST - Don't miss out on what could be one of our best games to date!
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