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OP Skyblock: Wild - FAQs

Discussion in 'OP Skyblock: Wild' started by Mxchyz_, Jul 15, 2018.

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    Hello there! So you just came to GGMC and started playing one of our most popular server, OP Skyblock: Wild. You found yourself lost and you have so many questions on how to play the game. So here I present to you a list of frequently asked questions that just may answer a few of your questions about the server. (This may be a long thread so brace yourself).


    How do I start an island?

    To start creating your island, type the command /is. This will show you a GUI list of all the different types of islands. There are 7 types of islands: Classic, Calm Nature, Wild Desert, Old Bridge, Wild, Strike, and Pandora. Here's a list of what the 7 types of islands are like.

    Classic - Difficulty: Advanced
    The typical island you would get on most servers.
    - x1 normal jungle tree
    - x1 chest
    - x1 villager
    - One 7x7x5 island size

    Calm Nature - Difficulty: Normal
    A beautiful custom built island with a very small waterfall and flowers surrounding it.
    - x1 large custom oak tree
    - x1 chest
    - x1 villager
    - Free water source, and a few ores
    - One 35x35x30 island size (approx)

    Wild Desert - Difficulty: Normal
    An island that has tiny trees in one area, desert on another, and a small snow mountain.
    - x32 tiny oak trees
    - x1 chest
    - x1 villager
    - Free water source, cacti, and a few sand, and snow
    - One 31x32x13 island size (approx)

    Old Bridge - Difficulty: Advanced
    Two islands that are separated by a broken bridge.
    - No trees
    - x2 chest
    - x1 villager
    - Free cacti and a few sand, and a few ores
    - Two 15x15x15 island sizes (approx)

    Wild - Difficulty: [Jungle] Normal
    The original OP Skyblock: Wild island.
    - x1 large custom oak tree
    - x1 chest
    - x1 villager
    - Free water source, sugar canes, and a few ores
    - One 20x16x17 island size (approx)

    Strike - Difficulty: [Mushrooms] Easy
    The original OP Skyblock: Strike island.
    - x3 small oak trees
    - x1 chest
    - x1 villager
    - Free water and lava source, sugar canes, crops, mushrooms, and a custom building
    - One 32x28x40 island size (approx)

    Pandora - Difficulty: [Snowy] Normal
    The original OP Skyblock: Pandora island.
    - x3 large custom spruce trees
    - x1 chest
    - x1 villager
    - Free water source, crops, snow, and lots of ores
    - Three 45x45x40, 20x18x23 and 20x22x32 island sizes (approx)

    How do I create a shop?

    You can create a shop by putting a sign in front of the chest with:

    Amount of items
    Price of item

    Amount of items
    Price of item

    If you're confused, here's a sample. *Note it's the same as sell but instead of putting buy at the bottom, you put sell.
    After you're finished writing down shop, right click the sign with the item you want people to buy or sell.

    How do I get kits?

    In order to get different types of kits, you have to run the command
    /kits and it will show you a GUI of all the kits. There are 6 types of kits: Daily Kit, Weekly Kit, Spartan Kit, Android Kit, Mecha Kit, and Overlord Kit. The first two kits (Daily and Weekly) are free when you first join the server. The rest of the kits are only acquirable when you have the specific vRank.

    What are vRanks and vKreds and how do I get them?

    You can get vRanks using vKreds. vKreds are a type of currency which are acquirable when you vote for our server (/vote). For more information about vRanks and vKreds, please click here to go to our wiki page.

    How can I edit my island settings?

    You can edit your island settings by typing /is settings. *Note that only the island leader can edit the island settings.

    How do I go to crates?

    You can go to the crates by typing /crates. There's currently 11 types of crates. Voting, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mystery, Event Crate, and 3 seasonal crates. You cannot open the event crates until the specific date has come which can be seen above the Event Crate. Currently, the event crate is summer crate. You can get summer keys by voting or going to the vote parties. The seasonal crates can only be opened using the season keys which can be obtained by purchasing them via vKreds (250 vKreds) or in the store. You can also get season keys if you buy a tag bundle or a subscription. To see the rewards of each crates, left click the crate.

    How can I talk to only my island members?

    You can type the command /ic to talk in island chat. *Note anyone that is on your island can see what you you say in /ic.
    You can type the command /is tc to talk exclusively to your island members.

    How do I make a grinder?

    There's a lot of different ways to make a grinder: Mob Grinder, Iron Golem Grinder, Diamond Ghast Grinder, Emerald Giant Grinder and more, but these are the most popular ones. I suggest you
    check out our wiki page on how to create grinders.

    What are Block Frames and/or World Anchors?

    Block frames are just like stacked spawners, but instead it stacks up Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald blocks. This is very useful when creating an Iron Golem, Diamond Ghast, or Emerald Giant Grinders. Create a hopper system for your grinder(s) that is connected to a block frame at the end so when the mobs drop their loot, it will go through your hoppers and on to the block frame which will instantly turn the items into a block. This way, it will save you a lot of building area/space and time because instead of crafting a block and placing them one by one to add up island levels, it will instead put x100000 blocks in a one block space. — oh, automatically too!

    World Anchors keeps a 16x16 chunk area loaded whilst you're away.

    What are drop parties and/or PvP events?

    Drop parties and PvP events are activated by people who has Elite and above. To go to a drop party, type /dparty to go to the pvp area, type /warp pvp. Drop parties are parties that drops different items/rewards from the sky. Some possible rewards are: Block Frames, World Anchors, Money, Spawners, and more. The PvP event spawns a random crate in the pvp area which might contain: Food, Money, Spawners, Armours, and more.

    How can I earn money?

    Players would usually go to a profit shop and then if they have enough money, they would create their own profit shop which they can make a lot more profit. There are a lot of people who advertise their profit shops in chat so feel free to do /is warp playername.

    How can I avoid getting scammed?

    To avoid getting scammed, please screenshot every trade you make with a player. You can also do /trade instead of just throwing the items to each other. Make sure to ALWAYS check how much is in the bank note that the player is giving before you accept the trade. If you see that the player you're trading offered 49 ~ 50 million and they put something like "49,999.99" (49 thousand 999 and 99 cents) instead of "49,999,999" (49 million 999 thousand 999) Please feel free to screenshot this and report to a staff.

    I found a bug, hacker, scammer, rule-breaker, etc. where can I report them?

    I'm glad you asked! You can report them on our discord, on our forums, by filing a ticket or to a staff member.

    I have more questions.

    No problem! Feel free to comment down below your questions about OP Skyblock: Wild and I will try my best to help you. I may not be available on the forums 24/7 so if you want an immediate answer, I suggest you go to our discord and ask in #help-and-support or privately message a staff member.

    If you want to add any FAQs or found a mistake, comment it down, I might add it in and edit my mistake. I hope you found this thread helpful despite it's length. :)

    Here's some quick links:

    Mod Lists
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    Good Job Dad, Amazing!!!

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    Thx for the help!

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