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UPCOMING PK Fall Update #1

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Fluxty, Oct 16, 2020.

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    Prison Kingdoms Fall Update #1

    Our first update to Prison Kingdoms is here, and wow was this a crazy launch! All in all, my "TODO" list for Prison has exceeded 100 items! For our first update, we are focusing on addressing bugs, adjusting annoying values, and making big quality of life improvements. With all of that out of the way we'll soon be able to focus on a big balance update, followed by a huge features update ;)

    You can expect these updates to arrive Saturday, October 17th at 11:00AM CDT!

    Halloween Crate

    Obligatory reminder: The Halloween crate launched on the 15th and is live on the server now! Don't forget to use those Halloween keys.


    If you're new to Prison, the Halloween crate is our event crate for October. Starting on the first of every month, a new event key is made obtainable primarily through Voting and Vote Parties, as well as a few other ways, like the Lucky Mining /enchant. On the 15th, the key becomes open-able at /crates!

    » Anniversary Gem
    As October is GGMC's official anniversary month, it is only appropriate that we release our Anniversary gem with it! The Anniversary gem has a max level of one and gives you a random chance of obtaining a present while mining. What is super special about the Anniversary gem is that it doesn't take up a slot on your pick - meaning you can effectively have 4 gems socketed!


    You can get the Anniversary gem completely for free the first time you login once the update is live! :)

    » Revamped Boss Arena
    Many a Skeleton King have been slain since Prison's opening, and we've found a ton of room for improvement in the boss arena. First, we've fixed an issue which caused hits on the boss to frequently fail to register.

    Second, the anti-knockback enchant now correctly registers versus bosses. Keep in mind, however, that you will still flinch from taking damage, and the max chance of negating a knockback is 75% when you have all of your armor pieces maxed out with anti-kb.

    Third is a simple change, you can now see the names of your fellow chickens you are fighting alongside when you look at them. This change will also allow staff to better detect cheaters alongside our anticheat in the boss arena.

    And finally, we've removed the health bar display which was contributing to the hit registration issue mentioned above and replaced it with a new, highly detailed view of your stats in the sidebar! Here's a peek:


    The bosses health percentage will update once every 5 seconds, and all of your statistics will update once every 3. We think these changes will make boss fights more strategic and help you track your own progress towards those sweet gems that much better, and these changes are the first of many more to come. Enjoy!

    » Backpacks
    Even though some of you over-achievers no longer need this, a highly requested feature has been to allow backpacks to be maxed with a single click. Well, we've done just that! You now have the ability to upgrade your backpack in multiples of 10, or the MAX you can afford:


    » Mine 35 Problems
    Alright, so since the launch we've seen a lot of overcrowding in Mine 35 that has resulted in the mine resetting practically instantly, as well as some lag issues. Ultimately, fixing this is very high on our priority list but it is very complicated. In the meantime, we are making the mine take longer to reset to hopefully alleviate some of the issues until a longer term fix can be prescribed.

    If you're wondering why we can't just add more mines, or make the mine only reset once it is 100% mined, it's because there are currently many performance implications. The server can't really handle replacing an entire mine all at once without lagging, and the system is only built to support two mine 35s at the moment. But we'll get that patched up before you know it!

    » Lucky Mining
    Lucky Mining is pending a full rework/rebalancing, but similar to the changes above, we are making smaller changes in the meantime to hopefully alleviate some of the issues with it.

    » And Much More
    This post could go on for days elaborating on all of the changes we've made this update, but for the sake of time, here is a list of all of the other important changes you should know about:

    We worked very hard to get this update out in a timely manner, and your feedback is much appreciated! Please feel free to post a reply down below or head over to our Discord for a deeper discussion. See you all Saturday!
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