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SB Summer Update #2!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Fluxty, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. Fluxty

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    Sep 22, 2017
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    SB Summer Update #2

    Our second update to SkyBlock Summer is big one. We've got a new event pack for the store (so you can support our development ;)), new upgrades, and for the finale: a MASSIVE balance overhaul to spawners. Other changes include island level changes, selling BUFFS and NERFS, preparations for JB W6, some fishing rewards, regular bug/performance patches, and more.

    You can expect these updates to arrive Saturday, September 5th at 11:00AM CDT, the same time as always :)

    Labor Event

    September is our labor event month, and as of the 1st you can obtain the wondrous labor key for use on September 15th when the crate drops.

    But that's not all - The limited time labor event pack drops with Update #2!


    » Decor Upgrades
    We've been looking for more types of upgrades to add for you guys to make your islands more unique for a while. Adding some now seemed like the perfect timing because they also help with JB upgrades quests.
    A lot of you have been requesting a way to place more decor items for a while, and historically these kinds of items can cause lag when there are too many on the server, but upgrades are the perfect work around to this problem! Now you can enjoy customizing your island as far as you can upgrade these :D

    » Spawner Balancing
    After our squid changes last patch, we noticed a ton of other balancing changes that need to be made at every stage of the game (early, mid, late). The changes below represent a major balancing overhaul of spawners designed to make gameplay more interactive and compelling for both SB Summer and future seasons. These changes also do their best to avoid invalidating existing spawner strategies so that nobody has to uproot their entire island. And of course, we'll continue to keep our promise of maintaining constant balance patches.

    » Tier 0 Spawners (Early Game)
    Honorable mention to pigs, who won't be seeing any changes in this patch - you'll get your time to shine piggy's!

    » Tier 1 Spawners (Early-Mid Game)
    Other T1 spawners include the Zombie, (Wither) skeleton, Blaze, Slime, Spider, and Cave Spider. They'll get their chance to shine in future updates ;)

    » Tier 2 Spawners (Mid Game)
    » Tier 3 Spawners (Mid-Late Game)
    The only T3 spawner is the Emerald Giant spawner, which we won't be making any changes to this patch. However, it isn't the only late game competition in town anymore, and you'll see with the changes we've made to elite spawners ;)

    » Tier 4 (Elite) Spawners (Late Game)
    Elite spawners proved far too expensive in the previous iteration. This time, they are still expensive, but are coming down to a place where they can be afforded in the late game.
    » IS Level Values
    We've also made some changes to the island level value of different blocks. Don't worry, these shouldn't majorly affect your island level in a negative way.
    » Selling Changes
    Since the previous update we've seen a huge spike in the use of AutoSell. AutoSell is a super convenient way to sell, but it shouldn't be the end all be all of selling as this ultimately results in players AFK'ing in grinders, both on their own and other's islands. We want AutoSell to be a viable way to make money, just not the only way. We're going to be tweaking taxes a bit in this update to better reflect these values and put some importance back on chest-hopper systems so that all of the other methods for selling don't lose their purpose.
    » Other Changes
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    Oct 31, 2017
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    Great update! :)
  4. Ci4ran

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    Aug 29, 2018
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    This. This is poggers.
  5. Purqs

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    Oct 25, 2017
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    Super excited! Can't wait for tommorow!

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