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SBSummer Update #1!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Fluxty, Aug 14, 2020.

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    SB Summer Update #1

    Hello everyone! Our first update for SB Summer adds our Skewl event crate and focuses on balancing, bug fixes, quality of life updates, and finishing out the feature set for our in game store!

    You can expect these updates to arrive Saturday, August 15th at 11:00AM CDT, the same time as always :)

    Skewl Crate
    This update brings forth the event crate for August! A new event key is introduced on the 1st of each month on SkyBlock, with the event crate itself releasing on the 15th of each month!

    We'll let you see the Skewl crate for yourself tomorrow when it drops ;)


    In the absence of the SkyNote meta, we've seen a lot of very interesting ideas for getting ahead in Summer. The battle has been waged, the dust has settled, and the winner is clear: The Squid meta is here!


    In all seriousness, I love the creativity. HOWEVER, we have learned from the past that a prevailing meta can stagnate very quickly, especially when it allows those who arrive first to get too far ahead. Moving forward, we want to maintain a constant balance by stepping in from time to time and shaking up the meta. Being the first to find a new meta and get ahead should definitely be rewarding, but it should be even more rewarding to consistently develop new strategies for getting ahead. :)
    Yeah, we thought Zombies deserved some love this patch :p These changes are just a taste of even more balance changes we'll be doing in the future, so stay on your toes!

    Bugs, QoL
    Here's a rapid fire of all the other tweaks we've made to improve your experience this patch:
    • Fixed inconsistencies with crates not giving as many rewards as the item count displays.
    • Fixed the Chunker description in crates stealing the Block Hopper description.
    • Added a notification when a player is first marked as AFK, instead of just waiting for a block break/place/chat.
    • Fixed an issue causing perms and perks from SBSpring to cross over to SBSummer when they weren't supposed to.
    • Readied up JourneyBook week 3 with some new challenges.
    • The JourneyBook rewards menu will automatically open to your currently in-progress reward page.
    • Updated XP rewards in crates to always give bottled EXP. This resolves an issue where players would sometimes not receive EXP because they were already at max.
    Many of these were taken from you guys in the suggestions and bug reports areas of our Discord, so thank you to all who helped! We've also added quite a few more fixes/suggestions to our backlog for our next update.

    Now let's talk about the huge enhancements we've made to the store!

    Sub Rank REWORK
    With tomorrow's update, our reworked sub rank will be available to all! Existing subs will automatically be transitioned :) Here's what you can look forward to:​

    • Sub Role in Discord
    • ✪ in your name
    • Priority Access to Full Servers
    • Access to the Sub only chat (/sub)
    • Network wide access to ALL name colors*
    • Network wide access to ALL chat colors*
    • Network wide access to ALL formatting codes in your name & messages*
    • +800 RC every month via /subclaim
    And periodic bonuses:
    • Access to special sub-only test servers.
    • Access to special deals, up to 100% off.
    * The sub rank includes ALL chat/name colors except GOLD, RED, DARK_RED, or MYSTERY chat colors/formatting codes.

    RC Auction House
    :eek: Tomorrow, worries of IRL deals going wrong are over! We will be launching our RC AuctionHouse, where you'll officially be able to trade your stuff for RC! :eek:


    We'll also be limiting what you can sell in both AH's to Beacons, Nether Stars, and items with custom names/lores. This will help reduce the amount of "trash" items that populate the Auction Houses. Simple trades can be done via /trade with interested users.

    And that wraps up this patch/update! As always, your feedback is much appreciated, both in the replies below and on the Discord. Looking forward to jumping in tomorrow!​
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