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SkyBlock Winter!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Fluxty, Dec 3, 2020.

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    SkyBlock Winter
    December 12th - 9AM PST/11AM CST/12PM EST

    It's time for the most exciting SkyBlock release of 2020, SKYBLOCK WINTER! SB Winter is designed with a lot of experiments in mind, and boy does it play different.

    Let's just hop right into this, prepare yourself:


    :eek: NO MORE LEADERBOARDS! :eek:
    SkyBlock's Winter season is going to kick off very uniquely from all of our previous seasons, with absolutely no leaderboards in place. Yes, that also means no /is top and no /baltop. WHAT!

    Okay, so, this is obviously a big, risky (and exciting) experiment. Firstly, based on data we have from our own leaderboards based SB, it turns out that the current way leaderboards work is that they overwhelmingly favor the people who get the biggest head start (big surprise :rolleyes:). While we definitely want to reward players for getting in early, and for finding strategies before others, we think the level at which leaderboards reflect this skill is over-represented to an extreme level that tends to spoil the fun of the entire game after a week or two. That issue has plagued SB for way too long.

    Second, a very popular SB server that we won't mention by name (cough cough) has recently removed leaderboards from their game, and it's had some pretty incredible results. Our SB is totally different, but we think there's a good chance the game can still totally be competitive without leaderboards (you will still have your island level on display in your name and elsewhere), but without all the pressure to focus on competing. This will hopefully open up the opportunity to enjoy the game more intrinsically.

    With all of that said, we are performing a rework of leaderboards to address these problems, for a potential future update. But if you guys end up liking the game without leaderboards, then we will keep them out of SB Winter! It'll be a community decision. :)


    You guys ready to farm this season?! That's right, all of the various farming items, like seeds, are being removed from the shop this season. You'll have to make seeds manually or buy them from other players!

    Wait, mob coins are FINALLY coming to GG? If you haven't heard about mob coins before, they are basically a currency that drops from killing mobs, that you can spend on exclusive stuffs. Here's how they'll work on GG:


    You can obtain mob coins by:
    • Killing a mob via grinder (rare)
    • Killing a mob manually (slightly less rare)
    • Fishing (even more slightly less rare, but indirect buff to fishing amirite?)
    You can spend mob coins on a number of different items in the mob coins shop, and the available items in the shop change every day. Possible items include:
    • Max XP bottles
    • Block Frames
    • XP Hoppers
    • Sell Chests
    • Insanity keys
    • Other custom items
    • Spawners, including custom stacks
    • Seeds
    • Flowers (yay)
    • & more
    Oh, and mob coins will be dropped as a physical item, not stored in a virtual balance. Don't go dropping them in lava!

    Balance Changes
    Here are the major balance changes coming to SB Winter, not mentioned above:
    We think that it is a bit too easy to build up a massive empire of stacked spawners when you can have 75 stacks on your island, and 150 with the double spawner limit boost from the JB. Moving this to 50 will also move the double limit down to 100, which we hope will force some more strategic thinking about what spawners to use, and give more viability to spawners which have a massive max stack size. We'll continue to experiment with this limit as we see how it changes gameplay.
    One historically big issue on SB has been all of the most active players on the server banding up into one massive island and mounting an insurmountable lead over the rest of the server. This wasn't just a leaderboards problem - these islands also gained a heavy control over the economy and effectively created a monopoly. This change will hopefully make those islands a bit smaller, creating some competition. This is a small step in a HUGE series of future updates that aim to add some big trade-offs to making a large island, and help make the game more balanced for small islands, including solo players.
    Perhaps this is more of a quality of life change than balance, but we're making it so that you can place custom spawner stacks in spawner hoppers instead of only individual spawners, which will hopefully bring back at least a little bit of the profit meta of stacking spawners manually and selling them to larger islands for a pretty penny.
    Because of all the other pacing changes we're making this season, JB rewards are probably going to be a bit more impactful. Making the major tiers of the JourneyBook harder to acquire will help balance that out and give more content later in the season when things start to get more grindy than usual.

    Booster Cookie
    The booster cookie is going to be a new RC item that gives you and everyone else online a very short (15 minute) burst of non-stacking boosts:
    • Double mob coin drop rate for the whole island
    • Double XP
    • 50% sell boost for the whole island
    • 10% chance for all key drops during the boost (voting, VP, keyall, etc.) to upgrade to the next tier (i.e. Legendary -> Mystery, Mystery -> Insanity) Insanity has no upgrade.
    Activating multiple boosts will increase the amount of time the booster is active by an additional 15 minutes.

    Technical Changes

    Technical changes are designed to improve efficiency and performance of the server overall. If done correctly, you'll notice no difference in the behavior of the stuff changed, haha.
    • Performed a full re-code, from scratch, of our economy plugin.
    • Restructured quite a few plugins to use local storage instead of calling an external database when they didn't need to.
    And there you have it! All you need to know before SB Winter drops on December 12th! What are you most excited for? Let us know! http://ggmc.me/discord
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    Sounds Good :)

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