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Whatever You Can Imagine

What can I do in Creative?

The Creative mode, where minecraft began. Creative mode is just that, go out and be creative, create whatever you like, no limits no bounds (as long as it’s appropriate ) The Creative/build gamemode is a place where players can clear their mind and build to their fullest potential. Creative is the complete opposite of survival. You mainly just build structures. You will automatically be put in creative mode to access free unlimited resources, and you cannot die from falling, monsters etc. It’s a wonderful place to relax your mind as well to test/practice new builds.

On GG creative/build, Players are given 512×512 as their plot size if they are ever wanting to build a major project/or multiple things on their plot. Creative is used for players who are wanting to become builder for GG,(once they applied for volunteer staff) to show us the potential and skill level they are at when it comes to building. You may add other players to your plot to assist you, and it may be a risk on whom you add, but reassure yourself, griefing is not allowed on the server. GGMC also offers some fun unique things like Mounts, you read that right, Mounts, little vehicles that let you navigate your creative world faster and have some fun with it. you are able to purchase mounts with vkreds by doing /mounts. We also offer World Edit which after voting on all six votable links, you are able to edit the world quicker and more efficient, not a fan of building by hand? This will be a feature you are going to absolutely love.


Make sure to follow our global Good-Gaming rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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