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What is Factions?

Factions is based on a team-play game mode, where two or more opposing Factions will fight for resources and points or honor. Players can usually form Parties/factions/allies to combine their strengths together and form communities.This mode is the all round action packed adrenaline kick most players If you enjoy survival and pvp, are looking for. The main goal is to become the number one faction on the server, overpowering your foes faction by pure might, as well as finding their hidden base location. Every day you wonder if your base is still intact, and every day you try harder to get better. Make your base better, make better defenses, hide valuables on new spots. You will fight to survive, grind to get money and scavenge loot. Twice a day you will fight alongside your faction to claim victory of the points of honor located around the map to prove your faction is the best in a “king of the hill” style of free for all team battle. Once you control the point fully, you receive massive rewards that will help you stay for ahead of the competition, and help in your next battle.

Minecraft Faction Servers

On GGMC Factions, it’s not your everyday average factions server. GG Factions has many amazing features that will give you a unique experience. There is a custom enchants which lets you enjoy more enchants rather than the standard you will find in other faction servers like, silk spawners, which lets you break a spawner with any type of pickaxe without it fully breaking it. No more desperately trying to enchant silk on your pickaxe, and free fly claims. Once you claim land for your faction, you are able to enable the /fly command inside of your claim and control the skies.


Make sure to follow our global Good-Gaming rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.


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