Last Player Standing Wins

What is Skywars?

Skywars is a gamemode that is a bit similar towards skyblock, as it’s based in the sky.
Only instead of primarily solo play, it can be played with both, solo (8-16 solo players) or a team mode of (24-28 players) the objective of Skywars, also known as “Skyblock warriors” coining this name due to Skyblock gameplay mashed with survival, is each player spawns in their own island, able to mine materials, loot chests to receive items to fight against other players. The main goal is to get to the middle and loot the chests that give you better gear/tools than what you received on your island. If you are the last person standing/alive, you’ve won the game.

What makes this game mode great is that it is a mash of so many different things, adding PVP, standard survival type play and just the typical practices like spawner grinding and material gathering all while keeping an eye on your own island because enemies can be literally anywhere, player or NPC.

GGMC hardcore Skywars brings us a some new features you may not find on other servers like You are able to select/shop custom kits so you can access them before you start your game, to give you a little boost. In order to buy these kits, you’ll need a certain amount of coins in order to purchase. GGMC also incorporated its Achievement system, giving you rewards for completing all types of fun tasks. GGMC also brings a ton of custom maps to play on and keep the action awesome.

We have also added for every GG Skywars you will obtain a vote key which gives you a chance to win up to 5000 coins in order to purchase your kits. Along with these kits we also have our standard shops which you can buy enhancements and other great items to make sure you can get an edge among your competition to make sure you climb the leaderboards.


Make sure to follow our global Good-Gaming rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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