OP Skyblock: Strike

Are You Tough Enough?

What is OP Skyblock: Strike?

Skyblock is a type of survival game mode that is challenge orientated. Spawn on your island in the sky with limited resources, do your best to expand your island and become a powerful force to be reckoned with! These islands are completely customizable making it as unique as you could ever dream, With over a dozen different island choices, paired with GGMC’s exclusive /fly mode, and GG’s” multiformer” tool which will automatically change depending on the resource you are gathering, it just makes for a even better experience while you craft your islands world. You would think this would be enough for you to join us here at GGMC, Nope there’s more! If Skyblock is your favorite game type and you spend most of your time here, along with the standard in-game economy driven by the auction house where players are constantly buying and selling items, you also have the chance to get vKreds which is in game currency that can gain by voting using the /vote command for some really cool mystery prizes, tags and other goodies the GGMC has created for you!. If all this wasn’t enough to entice you to join in on the fun, GGMC also has a leaderboard you can climb to the top of to claim glory and bragging rights over the community.

Good Gaming offers 3 different Sky blocks, These Skyblock game modes are: SkyBlock Wild, Sky block Strike and Sky Block Pandora. each with a unique ways to play. In this article I’ll touch on the “Strike” style of Skyblock.

Skyblock strike is the second installment of our Skyblock game modes. This game mode is no joke. Truly, the hardest of all the Skyblocks we offer and designed for the veteran Skyblock player. If difficulty is what you are looking for this is where you are gonna wanna be. We introduced the “guardian” mob which is an emerald spawner, something you will only see in Strike and ‘Pandora” the other mode we offer. Also, with the implementation of scaling spawner prices, which means every time you buy a spawner they become more and more expensive, making resources more difficult to get as time goes on and levels get higher making every resource count really drives home the difficulty of this game mode. Also the ability to spend your VP on vKred kits to help obtain those elusive ‘Titan” and “Overlord” tags is an extra added bonus we thought would be a pretty sweet reward for you hardcore players. Think you have what it takes to Strike out into the Skyblock world and conquer it?


Make sure to follow our global Good-Gaming rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.


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