Survival Refined

A Different Survival Experience

What is Survival Refined?

Survival Refined is a survival gamemode on the Good-Gaming Minecraft server. Players can explore four unique worlds, get jobs, have their own plot, fight in the PvP arena, become the richest player on the server, and much more! Play solo, with your friends, or meet new friends in the Survival community!

In the Wilderness world you can build whatever you want, explore, and gather resources! Build a house or castle, it’s up to you! In Badlands, you can mine from the massive amounts of ore lying around, and explore the huge cave systems, with dungeons and all! Both the Wilderness and Badlands also have a Nether counterpart! You can go in these to do all of your nether-y stuff, like collecting glowstone or quartz, making big gold farms, or raiding Nether Fortresses!

In addition with four worlds to explore, players can also build on their Plot! Using resources found in the /shop and wilderness, they can build farms, bases, houses, or anything they fancy! Be the person with an entire plot full of farms, and become #1 on baltop, or be the person with the massive mansion and bases, it’s all up to you. You can also add your friends to the plot and build together! In addition to playing and building on your plot, you can also get a job at /spawn and get money for doing tasks, such as cutting wood or mining. In the end, Survival brings a little bit of custom story, and maybe not so structured way to enjoy the game.


Make sure to follow our global Good-Gaming rules when playing this game. You can read those, here.

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