New Players!

How to log on to the server?

Easy, let me show you how!

Rules! What are the rules?

I’m really glad you asked! The rules and network guidelines are here

I’m on the server! Now what? What can I do?

You can do all sorts of things, like engage in our popular game modes such as:

Factions, Insane Prison, Insane Prison 2, OP Skyblock: Strike, OP Skyblock: Wild
OP Skyblock: Pandora, Skywars, Survival Refined, Creative, and Duel.

Do you guys have any server tutorials?

We sure do! They are located  here on our Wiki page!

What are vKreds?

vKreds are GoodGaming's in-game currency used to purchase vKred Ranks.

How do you get vKreds?

vKreds are only obtainable through voting (/vote) or claiming your daily bonus in the hub (/dailybonus). You can vote in game (/vote), or in the near future, offline!

vKreds cannot, and will  never be transferable (to make achieving the Overlord vRank a true challenge).

How do I get to different game modes?

When you log into the GoodGaming lobby, there are two ways -- click on the sparty characters with the game modes above their heads OR just use your compass and select what server you’d like to join from there! Have fun!

Do you guys have a discord or forums?

Absolutely! Come join us. You can use this link to get you to our discord and this link to get to our forums!

What mods are allowed and which aren’t?

Mods that are allowed on the server:

Armour HUD
Better FPSBatty's Mod
Better Sprinting/Toggle Sneak
Chat Companion
Coordinates Mod
Damage Indicators
Inventory Tweaks
Mouse Tweaks
NEI: Not Enough Items
Potion HUD
Replay Mod
Schematica: NO Printer
Status Effects
TMI: Too Many Items

Mods that aren’t allowed on the server:

Cave Finder
Cheating Essentials
Chest Finder or Chest ESP
Ghost Clients
Hacked Clients
Macros/Scripts (Including AFK auto-sell bots, or any keybind that runs the command more than once per click.)
Player ESP
Player Radars
Schematica Printer
Smart Moving
Toggle Jump

HELP! Can I get some support?!

Demo Title

Demo content

I’d like to help out!

Applying for staff?

Awesome! We’re super stoked you want to help us out. Please fill out an application here.

How long does it take to know if I’ve been picked?

We typically* review all applications and make a choice at the beginning of each month. Be on the lookout for our Community Manager “GG Schweets”. He’ll send you a message if you made the cut!

I didn’t get picked for staff. 🙁 Now what?

Don’t worry, a lot of people don’t get picked! You can re-apply every month! Don’t lose hope!

Social media?!!!

Yes! We do use them! Feel free to reach out!

I’m a parent, and could really use a hand with all this Minecraft stuff.

Sure! We’ve got you covered.  Here are some great things to know.

Is Minecraft okay for kids?

Sure! However, even though Minecraft is rated E+10 content online, it isn’t rated by ESRB and may contain material you, as parent, might find unsuitable. As for GoodGaming Minecraft Network? We have chat safety features installed and enforced, but are not legally responsible for any content your child may partake in -- or be apart of.

Which version does your server support?

We support the PC and Mac versions!

Is Minecraft violent?

It has  animated violence but nothing past some blocks exploding!

How many Minecraft games are there?

There is one Minecraft game, but three different versions depending on the platform that you play on. For example, computer Mac or PC, Xbox One and 360, PS3 and PS4 and pocket edition for mobile devices.

How can I buy it?

You can go to the official Minecraft store here.

Does it cost more to play online?

Not here! It's totally free. Though you may make a donation if you’d like to help out.

I have more than one kid. Can they all use the same account?

Sure, however, if they both would like to play on the server at the same time, they will have to have different accounts.

Is your server kid-friendly?

We have filters and blockers to keep inappropriate things out of chat, but sometimes things are missed by those filters and we have a mod staff that is ever watchful!

What is PvP?

PvP is Player versus Player, meaning you are battling it out with other actual players online!

These answers are great, but I’d really like to ask something different. Can I email a question?

Absolutely!  Send your questions to [email protected] and someone will  respond  to you as soon as possible.

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