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[1.8] - [1.9] - [1.10] - [1.11] - [1.12] - [1.13] - [1.14] - Server IP: play.ggmc.me

Discord: https://discord.gg/015FRruHsSm3tW7hP

Good Gaming, better known as GG, has started a fresh new Minecraft network looking for mature gamers like you! Our Minecraft server comprises a small team of friendly and interactive staff dedicated to developing a Minecraft experience players of all ages can enjoy together. If you're looking for a high quality, fresh new journey in Minecraft, Good Gaming is for you!

Dedicated Hardware & Network specs

Server grade Intel Xeon E3 processor for optimized handling of multiple Minecraft instances.


SSD data storage and backup

1 Gbps network port

DDoS protected

Professionally configured anti-cheat software

We would also like to see more active users in our community! We'd love if you'd join our discord (at the top of this post), and register on Good Gaming, which expands beyond Minecraft as an e-sports platform for tournaments and gaming related content.

Be on the lookout for more games as we grow and take in suggestions. We plan to host Pixelmon, Skywars variations, custom arcade games, and even RPG games in Minecraft! Hope to see you soon!