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Creative is a gamemode that was previously introduced for the work of the GGMC Build Team. If you vote 5 times here when it isn't broken, you can get limited worldedit for 48 hours, after you vote. You receive one plot on the server, for you to show off all your creative ability!

Creative is now in 1.14.4! (the latest version at the time of this updated) and now with all of the super cool features that 1.14.4 has to offer us!


  • /vote - open voting menu
  • /mounts - open mounts menu


Plot Sizes: 512x512

  • /plot auto - automatically generates a plot
  • /plot h - warp to your plot
  • /plot sethome - set home of your plot
  • /plot warp [player] - warp to someone's plot
  • /plot rate [1-10] - rate someone's plot

More commands can be be found using /plot help [1-7]


A detailed tutorial is available here!

WorldEdit is obtainable by voting on all links using /vote. Please note you must be in /server creative to receive the rewards.

  • //wand - receive a world edit wand (wooden axe)
  • //pos1 - set to position 1 of selected blocks (can be set by left-clicking the wand on a block)
  • //pos2 - set to position 2 of selected blocks (can be set by right-clicking the wand on a block)
  • //set <block> - set highlighted blocks to the block
  • //cut - delete all the selected blocks
  • //copy - copy all selected blocks
  • //paste - paste selected blocks
  • //undo - undo previous edit
  • //move - face a direction and move the entire selected area that way
  • //rotate <x> <y> <z>- rotates selected area to a specific direction
  • //flip - face a direction and it will flip your clipboard
  • //replace <from-block> <to-block> - replaces current block to new block
  • //walls <block> - creates a 4 sided walls of that block
  • //outline <block> - creates a hollow cube
  • //stack <count> <direction> - repeats the content of the selection area
  • //overlay <block> - places a block on top of the block of the selected region

More commands can be found at the detailed tutorial.


Using the command /mounts while in game shows you a list of the different mounts which can be brought using (((vKreds))).

Mounts are purely cosmetic despite giving high movement and creative options, and allow the player travel at faster speeds on various vehicles for only $9.99 a month. If you recognize these models, it's because we recycled them for our award-winning minigame Minecade Battle Royale where they were very balanced and fair


Current Mounts

25 vKreds:

  • Bike: A super fast bike!
  • Car: Your standard car
  • Train: Only runs on rails!
  • Raft: A nice old raft for the water

50 vKreds:

  • Submarine: A sub for deep diving
  • Tank: Very powerful (not)

100 vKreds

  • Plane: A plane for two!
  • Helicopter: No restricted airspace!
  • Broom: Like a witch!


Note: Mounts are a little bit glitchy and can despawn/be lost sometimes, so be careful with them. If you lose your mount, file a Support Ticket or contact Fluxty on Discord.