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Skywars has been removed from GGMC because of a lack of interest and activity, so it is no longer available. Minecade is the planned home for higher-quality minigames.


Server Summary

Good-Gaming Skywars is a PVP game-mode where players fight each other head to head on floating maps; till the last one standing. In Good-Gaming Skywars there is an assortment of new elements to bring good content such as custom crazy kits like nowhere else. Player can level up and earn achievements over time earning them loads of coins to spend at the shop to get new kits and accessories.

Server Commands

All commands are through a custom made GUI made by our very own Developers!


SW1-A2 -------- 0/24 players (Teams)

Snowflake -------- 0/12 players (Solo)

Skywars1 -------- 0/24 players (Teams)

Artsy -------- 0/28 players (Teams)

Snow Mountain -------- 0/24 players (Teams)

Skyward Tower -------- 0/24 players (Teams)

Tarzan -------- 0/12 players (Solo)

Taffy -------- 0/12 players (Solo)

Kingdom -------- 0/16 players (Solo)

Dust -------- 0/8 players (Solo)


When you win a game in skywars, you earn points and you can use the points to buy kits. The kits are very helpful, it can give you an advantage when you are playing the game. You can also buy cages with the points, the cages are the glass box when the game just started, you get stuck in a glass box and the glass box disappears when the countdown ends. It looks cooler if you change the colour of the cages. You can also get trails, the trail is just when you are in the skywars spawn, you equip the trail and it looks fancy walking with it.


Base cost for all kits are 1000 Coins, kits can be upgraded with an increase of the original price


  • Full leather armor
  • 1x Potion of fire resistance
  • Punches apply fire aspect 1
  • Throw projectiles will lit opponent on fire


  • Gets a cookie with knockback 1



  • Diamond Axe
  • Strength 1 when you drop down to below 2 hearts


  • Enchantment table
  • 32x Bottle o Enchanting
  • 20% chance to add two random enchants to all of your gear per kill!


  • Gold Sword
  • Iron Helmet
  • Resistance 1 when you drop down to below 2 hearts


  • Shadow Crystal --- when activated, it sends you to the shadow realm by making you invisible with a speed boost.
  • Hitting a player or remaining in the shadow realm too long brings you out of the shadow realm.
  • First attack while in the shadow realm grants a huge damage boost.



  • Stone Axe
  • 3 Endermage Pearls (Hit a player with a pearl to teleport them to you)


  • Bow
  • 5x Arrow
  • 1x Arrow every 10 seconds
  • 1% chance to shoot homing arrow


  • 750 coins for common cages
  • 1500 coins for rare cages
  • 3000 coins for legendary cages

Common Cages:

  • Brown Cage
  • Wood Cage
  • Grass Cage
  • Orange Cage
  • Log Cage
  • Purple Cage
  • Lime Cage
  • Yellow Cage
  • Gray Cage
  • Magenta Cage
  • Dirt Cage
  • Melon Cage
  • Brick Cage
  • White Cage
  • Stone Cage
  • Cyan Cage
  • Sandstone Cage
  • Red Cage
  • Cobblestone Cage
  • Green Cage
  • Black Cage
  • Ping Cage
  • Snow Cage
  • Sponge Cage
  • Blue Cage

Rare Cages:

  • Yellow+ Cage
  • Pink+ Cage
  • Furnace Cage
  • Bookshelf Cage
  • Workbench Cage
  • Green+ Cage
  • White+ Cage
  • Ice Cage
  • Brown+ Cage
  • Cyan+ Cage
  • Lime+ Cage
  • Purple+ Cage
  • Black+ Cage
  • Obsidian Cage
  • Gray+ Cage
  • Pumpkin Cage
  • Orange+ Cage
  • Blue+ Cage
  • Magenta+ Cage
  • Red+ Cage

Legendary Cages:

  • Tnt Cage
  • Diamond Cage
  • Emerald Cage
  • Glowstone Cage
  • Redstone Cage


  • 1250 coins for common trails
  • 2000 coins for rare trails
  • 3000 coins for legendary trails

Common Trails:

  • Green Trail
  • White Trail
  • Lime Trail
  • Dirt Trail
  • Melon Trail
  • Brown Trail
  • Blue Trail
  • Orange Trail
  • Brick Trail
  • Magenta Trail
  • Yellow Trail
  • Pink Trail
  • Sandstone Trail
  • Red Trail
  • Wood Trail
  • Purple Trail
  • Gray Trail
  • Black Trail
  • Snow Trail
  • Cobblestone Trail
  • Grass Trail
  • Stone Trail
  • Cyan Trail
  • Sponge Trail
  • Log Trail

Rare Trails:

  • Magenta+ Trail
  • Orange+ Trail
  • Green+ Trail
  • Purple+ Trail
  • Pink+ Trail
  • Workbench Trail
  • Ice Trail
  • Obsidian Trail
  • Red+ Trail
  • Lime+ Trail
  • Blue+ Trail
  • Black+ Trail
  • Bookshelf Trail
  • Pumpkin Trail
  • White+ Trail
  • Furnace Trail
  • Yellow+ Trail
  • Cyan+ Trail
  • Brown+ Trail
  • Gray+ Trail

Legendary Trails:

  • Redstone Trail
  • Diamond Trail
  • Emerald Trail
  • Tnt Trail
  • Glowstone Trail


You can create your own party by right clicking the workbench on your hotbar. And then left click the beacon. You can set your privacy to invite only or public. The max amount of players that can join your party is 3 people. When you left click the enderchest, you can choose to invite who ever you want that is on the skywars server to your party. And the tnt is for if you want to leave or disband your party. You can also join someone's party by right clicking the workbench on your hotbar. And then left click the chest. This will let you see if there are public parties that you can join or the parties that you got invited into.