How to create an Emerald Giant Grinder

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Giant Spawners

Giant spawners can be found in Skyblock Wild. They can be purchased from the Shop (/shop) for $2.5 Million SBGGs. They are usually referred to as the best spawner type on Skyblock 1 because of their sell price and the amount of levels they can contribute to your island. Giants drop emeralds.


To get good money from Giant Spawners, you need to make a grinder. Grinders are automatic machines that spawn and kill mobs for their loot. By creating a Giant Grinder you can get emeralds to sell for money without having to even swing a sword! You can even do it while AFK if you add chests!

Video Tutorial

Click this message to go to a video tutorial for making an Emerald Giant Grinder.

How to Build a Giant Grinder

Giant grinders should be built in the Nether, because they will then spawn constantly at all times. In the overworld, they will only spawn at night.

The Foundation

Before you start placing in the mob spawners and adding chests, you'll want to start with the foundation.

1. Build an 18x9 floor. Build a wall on the two short sides and one long side.

2. One block below that floor, next to the one open side, build an 18x8 floor. Expand the wall to also cover this floor's two sides.

3. Place a row of water in the back of the first floor against the back wall. Place another row of water on the block at the first row of the second floor, against the edge of the first floor. The water on each floor should reach the edge of its floor, but not go off of it.

4. Build a 4-block-wide strip of ice one block below the second floor, like you did when constructing the second floor. Place water at the left side of the ice. Place signs in the middle of the strip of ice. Place another row of water right after these signs. You can place hoppers at the end of the stream of water.

Tip: If you're in the nether, use ice rather than water buckets, and break the ice.

GiantGrinder2 (2).png

The Walls and Ceiling

You've finished the flooring; time for the rest!

1. Build the walls around the flooring, if you haven't already

2. Create a roof 12 blocks above the ice section, there is no need for a roof over the rest of it

The Lava and Collection

The most important part! In order for the grinder to be automatic you must have the lava to kill the giants.

1. In the corner of where the giants get pushed, add a floating 2x2 lava section 7 blocks above the ice

2. When the giants die, they will drop the emeralds. Add hoppers connecting to chests to automatically store the emeralds. (Make sure the water pushes the emeralds into the hoppers!)

Congratulations, you have finished your Emerald Giant Grinder! If you have problems making it work, try asking in chat or on Discord!

If you were confused by any part of this tutorial, try watching the video!